The Young Ladies Radio League

The YLRL (Young Ladies' Radio League) exists to encourage and assist YLs (Young Ladies) throughout the world to enter into the Amateur Radio Service.  YL Harmonics tells their story. From war time to current time. find out how YLs participate in the amateur radio world!

There are a variety of interests to offer licensed YLs: Traffic Handling, Public Service, ARES, Contests, Awards, DX, etc., on AM, CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, AMTOR, Packet and Satellite. Of course, there are the infinite benefits derived from just plain gal-to-gal rag-chewing and the resulting friendships.

You are always welcome in any YLRL activity. Come on in—the YLs are anxious to meet you!


How to Join The YLRL......

To find more information on what is happening in your district and how to join the the YLRL.


The 2017-2019 YL Harmonics can be found in the member only area.  2010-2016 can be found on the link below.  Pictured is Andrea Slack K2EZ and her Rover!!

In the 50s

YL Harmonics from the 50's coming soon. Pictured is Carol Laferty K4SAF

1950-1959 Past Issues

During the 2000's-2009s

Pictured is Sarla, VU2SWS at home in shack.



During the 40's

YL Harmonics from the 40's Coming soon.  Pictured is W2KUG, Jennie, operating with the Civilian Air Reserve, 1942. Past Issues coming soon.


The 90s

Coming soon, YL Harmonics from the 90's.  Pictured above is Anne Manna WB1ARU working Field Day!

The 60s

Picture is W1ZEN, Onie Woodward YLRL VP 1961.

Past issues  of YL Harmonics coming soon



The Early Days

Learn more about YLs throughout history on the website. View a collection of photos from the book, CQ YL by Lousia B Sando, W5RZJ on the history of YL's.

YLs helping YLs

YLRL is an organization for women with amateur radio licenses and like radio itself, extends to women all over the world.

Meet YLs

You can find other YLs on the air, at hamfests, conventions and local Clubs.

You Tube

Find us on You tube-YLs are everywhere!


The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to worthy Young Ladies for continuing their education, with preference given to those in academic study of communications and electronics or related arts and science.